Louie Gang

DJs: Big Mike
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3:27 PM November 12, 2012 ozzy93 said:

***** rappers
12:23 PM November 12, 2010 cusesmvp said:

**** fire
8:51 PM July 23, 2010 yuni said:

ya shout out to ll them niggaz that nigga cyph one of the illest producers in the cuse that nigga lambo is money get ya MONEY NIGGAZZ 100 yuni
8:25 AM July 9, 2010 teddy89 said:

And the dj need to shut up...he messing up the songs
8:25 AM July 9, 2010 teddy89 said:

Yo this **** jumpin.i think most yall bandwagonin.who cares how much money they really got. all i care about is if they puttin out good music.
3:08 AM July 5, 2010 daleyo8 said:

****in dj need to shut the **** up but other then that its good the got -52 cuz people dont know good rap any more
3:28 AM July 1, 2010 the_205_birmingham said:

these niggas rapping about lambos and money like these niggas got $10,000,000 in the bank each

i bet this niggas got one LV shirt each and drive a ford malibu
12:03 PM June 28, 2010 B_radley said:

actually not that that bad, **** just gets a terrible rating cause of that mob mentality.