Shane Eli - The Push

DJs: Unknown
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4:24 AM June 3, 2013 James0980 said:

This is a talented dude!! I'm SOOOOO glad I was listening to Rittz and heard him on let's ride. Shane Eli is like dat!! Keep it up homie!! The beats are SICK!!!
1:41 PM July 12, 2011 mrnewport29 said:

i agree with rapperjaz LOL. u on point bruh bruh.
12:33 AM February 24, 2011 reginaldcaldwell said:

6:58 AM February 21, 2011 lambokee34 said:

so glad i found this ! this is way better then the bull**** thats on the radios & stuff
9:35 AM July 12, 2010 pliesluv14 said:

this is a really good mixtape
12:19 PM July 7, 2010 razielson said:

look i've been on here for like 3 years, and this is 1st mixtape i jus had to comment on. DIS NIGGA ILL!!! You jus picked u new fan in da OH...gir*
10:26 PM July 3, 2010 harriskn said:

great mixtape!
11:31 AM June 28, 2010 B_radley said:

definately got talent, keep it up man