J. Keys - The Dead Horse

DJs: Unknown
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12:46 PM October 23, 2013 jkeysmusic said:

@colonelcognac - I hear you.. been working hard developing my style since "the Dead Horse" (a project which I am proud of). Check my new stuff, flow is more in pocket now.
5:23 PM June 30, 2010 Wadepark said:

tell me yo email and i'll let you hear real hip hop and if you wanna see the copy right papers brah just ask. Trust i can kill this dude with my shut
4:05 PM June 30, 2010 colonelcognac said:

hes got the lyics but dude has no flow. him and the beat are never in sync smh
11:39 PM June 29, 2010 neeko217 said:

And how the **** does this only have an 8 score?!?! u pepole are braindead, seriously! open your ears to real hip hop!
11:38 PM June 29, 2010 neeko217 said:

Yea, and i highly doubt u can **** with this dude, this ****s too ill for u youngsta!
3:19 PM June 29, 2010 erbodynome said:

you can't copyright a name
10:43 AM June 28, 2010 Wadepark said:

man hell naw change yo name cuz im the only J Keyz cuz copywritten and everything go check it out wack *** nigga
1:47 PM June 27, 2010 neeko217 said:

Hot ****!!! Real hip hop rite here! luvin this **** bro! keep it up!