Da Seed - Burning Bridges

DJs: DJ Genius
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10:26 AM February 20, 2011 050thugz said:

I Aint Workin 9 To 5 I Aint Broke N I Aint Hatin Yeah! Lol
3:41 PM July 15, 2010 lamusica2010 said:

Yo this is straight as hell where these guys from?
10:43 AM July 3, 2010 the_205_birmingham said:

so no one can lie
because athletes live like rappers same thing for actors and CEOs of companys and stock brokers and some lawyers and doctors
but you don't see nobody hating on them
10:41 AM July 3, 2010 the_205_birmingham said:

same thing with ALL rich men
no one can say they rather be broke working to death paying student loans back getting no pretty women but only fat plain ones
10:38 AM July 3, 2010 the_205_birmingham said:

i'm tired of nigga hating on ALL rappers
its just music its not a that big
hating on rappers because they doing things EVERY MAN dreams of
because deep down
NOBODY wants to work a 9to5 being broke
10:24 PM July 2, 2010 Godsbest3712 said:

These dudes is straight hot.....this the baest **** i done heard in a long time for real. keep doin yall thing,,,,,,,,,this killing majority of this bull**** industry **** mixtapes
1:08 AM July 2, 2010 fosho12510 said:

This ish is str8...ppl always hating
10:51 AM July 1, 2010 Nupe06 said:

come on cuz bul need to get a job at CVS or rite aid. Rappin not 4 bul 4real