Lil Marv - Swagger Season

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8:20 AM December 21, 2012 ttj via Mobile:

Ckleveland in this *****. Marv I see you support.
10:23 PM August 8, 2012 danny64 via Mobile:

This nigga wack pack it up and go home
9:06 PM February 10, 2012 squme216 said:

Ok lil cuz i see where you taken this!!! Im feeln dat #8 beat nice imma freestyle off it when i see you again!! lol
5:29 PM January 9, 2012 Malick93 said:

WOW its real easy to be tough behind a keyboard though haha
8:52 PM June 22, 2011 89steez said:

if "lil marrrrrv" wouldnt of rolled his damm r's so much maybe i would od downloaded this ****
10:07 PM July 11, 2010 robyadead said:

like this mutha****er has horrible studio work all around "****"
10:07 PM July 11, 2010 robyadead said:

Sounds like **** prolly the worst mixtape ever ****ing copies wiz khalifa way to hard this guy sounds like a retard dnt do **** tht wiz khalifa
4:21 AM July 10, 2010 rj_la_flare said:

my nigga marv been doin it since before wiz was known around here, so as far as im concerned, wiz came through soundin like marv...marv cleveland we here bruh we support u,