Soulja Boy - Best Rapper

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6:15 PM June 26, 2015 BlueBenjamin1017 via Mobile:

*Good score
6:14 PM June 26, 2015 BlueBenjamin1017 via Mobile:

#2 & #6 go hard asf, if the title was different it would of had good a score
3:04 AM August 13, 2014 Precise_Soto said:

Fo real Terian32 knows was good
6:01 PM April 26, 2014 ctownassns said:

That's what I heard soulja boy was gd gangsta disciple
4:55 AM May 9, 2013 Terian32 said:

Best mixtape he ever made and look at the score lol damn. I downloaded again though those lex beats go dummy. He need to get back with lex or retire.
6:58 AM February 24, 2013 diamondbiscutz said:

You forgot to put a "w" when you spelled wrapper. Spell check your cover next time.
1:42 AM February 19, 2013 bonafide38 said:

If this mixtape had a different title... it would have had a good *** score. This was the lil' nigga's best mixtape... shame it got such a low *** score.
12:04 PM November 22, 2012 deadevan said:

He one of the FOLKS