Chip Tha Ripper - Independence Day

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10:33 AM July 19, 2011 Syhper said:

He's a more exculsive KiD CuDi.
7:57 PM May 3, 2011 Dassance said:

This **** tight Chip is the ****in Truth RT
4:20 PM April 30, 2011 NJTakeover said:

tell her what she wanna here #real****
9:52 PM February 16, 2011 Bedfordbball4 said:

This is classic Chip Tha Rip right here, 10/10. Dis **** hit hard
11:58 PM February 12, 2011 TrillGladiator said:

Originality: B+
Subject matter/content: C
Flow: B
Ear: A
Lyrical Ability: B-
Overall: B
11:57 PM February 12, 2011 TrillGladiator said:

Chip Tha Ripper is dope. I like the young nigga vibe and flow. He's a bit to
materialistic for my usual liking but he makes up for it with being entertaining
to listen to.
4:30 PM December 23, 2010 ESPY_tx said:

yall trippin', this mixtape go hard as fck!...... "Hey Love" is one of my favorite songs, & that nigga flow wus crazy "Livin' Good".... But ****k You All and follow me on twitter @ESPY_tx
12:36 PM December 12, 2010 geron said:

this mixtape is great. a classic feel too man listen to that no slack and what should i do.