Stanza - Searching For Bobby Fischer

DJs: Unknown
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11:45 PM August 11, 2010 bigtah said:

His name is Stanza and the mixtape is called searching for BOBBY FISCHER. Bobby Fischer was a famous chess player. They made a movie on him. Yeah It's a title that causes thinking. LOL
10:56 PM August 9, 2010 uzionensm said:

calm down why are all kinds of artists from ATL named bobby???
2:43 PM July 26, 2010 bigace813 said:

**** im from florida and dis mix tape go hard as ****....keep doin ya thing brus
8:36 PM July 14, 2010 miramira93 said:

speechless.....downloading this.
7:40 PM July 14, 2010 cassidythebest said:

real hip hopdo yo **** man
7:56 PM July 11, 2010 st_2010 said:

yo this is hot keep the mixtapes coming .
10:16 PM July 10, 2010 cashkeondre said:

thank you... finally a good rapper lol
8:29 PM July 10, 2010 jatapolis121 said: