Tigo B - Times Up

DJs: DJ E.Sudd
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5:59 PM December 3, 2011 xexonftw said:

real talk yoo. ****s dope. shout to nc and my niggas runnin charolette
4:26 PM January 5, 2011 xIStaYTuRnTuPx said:

NC to the fullest!! was good to the 336! 252 boii on deck!
2:26 AM August 30, 2010 shawayze_fool1 said:

Hell yeah NC stand da **** up. Hickory aka HKY (828) All day *****. We here now nd we bouta showout.
5:00 PM August 25, 2010 redd65beast said:

This tape go to ham! NC stand upl! This should b hittin hard erry where in NC. It shouldnt take a nigga like J Cole to leave da south and go all da way to NY for 6 yrs jus to mak it big. Stand up
12:08 PM August 8, 2010 Gate_City_Boi said:

sum of yall hatin..this a pretty good mixtape..u got dem southside boys(cream team)..boa..wonda..commercial..ruckus..betty..cmon..yeah yall hatin dis **** bunkin hard..need to get small world too...
10:51 PM July 30, 2010 DCC85 said:

hot ****
7:44 PM July 23, 2010 cudihotspitta said:

young viets in this mutha****a 252 reppin in here who want it??? we got it we got it !!
10:17 PM July 21, 2010 tiellavaughn said:

real talk.... my boi Tigo-B GOOOTTTTT IIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!

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