Jon Geezy & Parlae - Blood Brothers


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DJ Scream Swamp Izzoe Jon Geezy Parlae Blood Brothers Mixtape Back Cover

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11:19 PM January 27, 2012 berryhead said:

Bang Bang
4:49 PM December 17, 2011 capo920 said:

Check out somma My Tracks on YouTube....just type in Frankie Scrilla all my stuff should pop up
Much Appreciated..
6:02 PM August 5, 2011 5avageworld said:

i kno right anybody kan talk on the internet but in the street dey quite like some *****ES!!!!!!!!
12:11 AM February 3, 2011 lilswoll1 said:

whats the name of the bonus track
3:23 PM September 28, 2010 eastatl6 said:

dat 285 shawty go ham
12:43 AM September 19, 2010 omarccc said:

to every body online taliking **** u are all puusssssyyyyys this is the internet ***** not the streets so shut the **** up and say it go hard or not nobody wants to read that bull****
4:08 PM September 12, 2010 kbelton5 said:

this mixtape really sucks balls....but **** the 5 and the six any of u guys got a problem with this statement come find me in chicago
10:09 PM September 3, 2010 bbrobinson14 said:

bk all day 6^ up all day