Shawt - It's Him Again

DJs: DJ 5150
@shawtfella & @DJ5150br!
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11:57 PM April 16, 2013 Natc601 said:

its him Again???? well hopefully they put HIM back in the house
7:10 PM August 20, 2010 jermaineghetto said:

yall niggas need 2 cut it out mane dis nigga str8, its **** on dis website waay worst than dis but higher scores. mane yall 2 wait up and BULL****IN of sum of dees artists!!
11:10 AM July 23, 2010 originalsupaslim said:

i lost all faith in u niggas... damn! listen to the songs from the end to the beginnig. his sequencing off but his work is wonderful.
yall trippin
11:10 AM July 23, 2010 originalsupaslim said:

are yall listening to him? i dont wanna **** ride but damn! dude go hard! chopper city got 110 an shawt in the negatives?
2:09 PM July 20, 2010 little13193 said:

Shawty Lo> Shawt
3:11 PM July 19, 2010 montmagnificent said:

idk what 2 say bout this ****
11:07 AM July 19, 2010 originalsupaslim said:

he got my support
6:52 PM July 18, 2010 gshokdx said:

this guy need 2 quit