Chris Webby - The Under Classmen

DJs: Unknown
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3:07 PM March 11, 2013 DrainerZ233 via Mobile:

One of the best rappers out there
5:03 PM October 30, 2012 thompson15 said:

legitly my new favorite rapper
2:50 PM September 11, 2012 damon776 said:

This dude is legit. i like this mixtape better than waynes new one.
8:49 AM February 5, 2012 d3yd3y said:

@zakk2567 stick ur head in the sink make sure the drain is covered then turn the faucet on full power and drown urself....
8:47 AM February 5, 2012 d3yd3y said:

the boi aight, but to say he's better than em is like sayin lebron is better than jordan smh...
9:28 AM January 6, 2012 Scutermac94 said:

see no one is better than em but chris is good than its yelawolf than webby *** the white rappers
5:01 PM December 8, 2011 zakk2567 said:

mgk ****s mac miller and eminem up.
1:05 AM December 2, 2011 stannn said:

to real people