Rough Draft - Summer Explosion (Spotlights And Dry Kush)

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12:42 AM November 4, 2010 AllTheWayFromLA said:

Yall Tight!! All We Chief is Kush
9:12 PM October 28, 2010 bigtae said:

somebody really need to sign my niggas we doing this with no promo.
7:40 PM October 15, 2010 regina76ers said:

Im A 76ers Fan Go!!! Evan Turner and Go!!! Rough Draft
7:24 PM October 15, 2010 heaven22 said:

This Damn link was allover my Fb Page Lol But Nice!! Me Likey!!!!! :)
1:17 PM September 21, 2010 lovenmyself said:

I Voted and i cant believe you guys are indy artist!! i would of thought you were signed you have a fan in me!!!:)
12:41 AM September 9, 2010 pacmanshawtymmi said:

That name hard
4:45 PM September 7, 2010 pacmanshawtymmi said:

2:10 PM September 6, 2010 SjWriter73 said:

Im lovin it.... Creative, and it's actually music.