St. Louis Joe - 30,000 Feet And Rising

DJs: Unknown
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11:12 PM February 11, 2011 JPStyles said:

Damn, just saw the myspace, JERSEY??? Had my hopes up, not feelin the 314 right :(
11:08 PM February 11, 2011 JPStyles said:

Best **** outta St. Louis in a long time!!!
5:22 PM October 11, 2010 MuffynMan said:

this tape tite, good ****
2:21 AM August 27, 2010 psykesconi said:

SOUTHWEST DETROIT in the House! Nice CD Family!Too Bad Niggaz are haters
11:12 AM August 16, 2010 Handsum85 said:

Not Bad. See this is the thing w/ consumers in America...they always gotta have something popular to compare to something new... This mixtape isnt that bad @ all, lame niggas tune ur ears up.
12:11 AM August 12, 2010 DIGI8000 said:

This is ****in dope!!! STL reppin!!!
4:36 PM August 1, 2010 neeko217 said:

**** these fags below me hatin!!! ya'll need to go to gucci mane's page!! this is real hip hop, not that ignorant bull****! Keep doin yo thing St Joe Louis, **** the rating, this **** iz bangin!
10:31 PM July 29, 2010 1King_Luckee said:

Noooooooooo Goooooooooo