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5:42 AM June 5, 2013 BLAKESWAZE said:

10:37 PM January 31, 2012 Acekreation said:

Killer in the bushes.. that boy LAWS!!
5:11 PM October 28, 2011 zblackburnn352 said:

hernando county all day. laws is bout to blow up and 352 finally gonna be on the map. hold it down laws!
1:18 AM August 25, 2011 Clo85 said:

**** laws doin it big.neva thought I see sum1 from my town on here.put hernando county spring hill,fl on the map boi!!
9:52 PM July 21, 2011 swag230 said:

Laws is true rap he needs to get signed quick..........believer is my favorite on dis
3:16 PM June 21, 2011 ZKRearick said:

You hate on this guy you obviously didn't listen to this. Unless you a garbage *** bricksquad whore.
5:26 PM March 5, 2011 woody_2nas said:

dammm barely found out about laws today his is ****en ill!!!
2:47 AM February 17, 2011 hescs said:

to be real he iightttttttttt word upp this nikka not bad crazy flow ~freemason~