Kuniva - Midwest Marauders

DJs: Unknown
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12:41 AM October 6, 2010 darealchitownjilla said:

all that detroit rap be bonk as hell
2:19 AM August 27, 2010 psykesconi said:

I just listen to the WHOLE CD SONG for SONG. Nice CD. EMINEM is a ***** for not supporting this. Tell`em Psyke Sconi said so with his Fake ***.Detroit Stand Up!
1:58 AM August 27, 2010 psykesconi said:

Oh Yeah Southwest Detroit in this ***** with the Mid West Marauders.
1:52 AM August 27, 2010 psykesconi said:

Be looking out for PSYKE SCONI Detroit 1-8-7 Hosted by DJ 5150. R.I.P Proof I here you Kuniva
5:00 PM August 25, 2010 danicestmc386 said:

10:22 PM August 24, 2010 Chancan2 said:

this is some real **** the rap game has been missing tired of hearing about how much u trapin and your chains and ****
11:11 AM August 24, 2010 RioG said:

WHO THE **** IS THIS????
11:42 AM August 21, 2010 BigGabe7 said:

How you gonna comment on Gucci and you obviously from Detroit. **** yall down south hatin *** niggas. We doin' it down here hatin *** niggas.