Big K.R.I.T. - Wuz Here (Chopped & Screwed)

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7:31 PM September 16, 2016 slowestmotion via Mobile:

Super cold
6:33 PM May 4, 2015 screamtracker said:

KRIT sounds even better slowed, his voice suits it well unlike others. I listen to 5000 Watts LFTU but funny thing is I bump king remembered in time at 1.1x on my phone. I like that one faster.
5:13 PM December 3, 2013 hotboysunny83 said:

Mississippi601 662 We in this *****
2:23 PM April 27, 2013 LexDex said:

dude is best rapper from the south hands down.. like almost where andre 3000 is at but got a couple years to go before he reach that level.. Good **** dude, Stay positive..
9:14 PM March 23, 2013 muzicluva247 said:

da sip baby country rap full speed ahead chuuuch
11:20 PM December 25, 2012 Fabiano via Mobile:

Turn up!!!!
6:04 PM September 23, 2012 cwynn6 said:

I love chopped and screwed AND Big K.R.I.T.... But.... Big K.R.I.T doesn't sound good chopped up. This mixtape doesn't do it for me
6:02 PM July 30, 2012 qboy244 via Mobile:

This is meaningful rap right here.