The God Is Back!

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8:14 AM June 26, 2016 Bigfknmoose said:

This should have higher score
3:20 PM July 1, 2012 bow46wow said:

10:02 PM December 19, 2011 Papoosegoat said:

Papoose need to drop dat album
11:58 AM December 1, 2010 deuce02 said:

10:03 PM November 13, 2010 Smooth_Wit_It said:

ima fan of kay slay but he be killin me wit these covers! Make me feel like im buyin a Temptation mixtape.. Kay Slay gotta get outta 1982. Off Top.
10:43 PM October 6, 2010 jdadon said:

tha cover is past due LMAO!! da mixtape str8 tho
3:54 AM September 25, 2010 keoulen said:

comments are made to comment the music not the damn cover, ya worry about da wrong ****, dats why yu guys always be at the wrong places at the wrong time. FOCUS ****6OYS. ANYWAYS pap went hard yo.
6:06 AM September 24, 2010 harryo said:

listen here youngens this what you call real hip hop i guess yall niggas cant think anymore.well in new york we like too think thats how we keep the murda rate down and our paper up..