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Young Life - Perfect Time'n

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Score: 93
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Uploaded 08/26/2010
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Coming Today, Aug. 26th @ 8PM EST, 5PM PST!

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8:08 PM September 4, 2011 robsmith421 via Mobile:

fukyou if u think itz whaknnotphat,u dont know hood.thiz iz tha future of HOOD****
5:25 PM June 25, 2011 daleyo8 said:

its not mixtape of the year or anything but its good i only dilike 2 or 3 the ones who say its wack....are wack
9:42 PM December 24, 2010 Davonta1993 said:

kill ya self mixtape wack as **** stop trying ta kill hip hop
8:35 PM December 11, 2010 TrillGladiator said:

I'm not going to hate like the rest of you children and keyboard tough guys
but I will say that this just isn't very good and I expect more from DJ Skee.
12:03 PM September 30, 2010 kaboosie said:

not everybody gotta be gangsta
3:03 AM September 20, 2010 trapfanatic said:

8:57 PM September 10, 2010 jsin86 said:

this **** wack as ****...this **** aint gangsta...Jay Rock, Nipsey Hussle, G.Malone now their **** is GANGSTA...nuff said
2:08 AM September 8, 2010 BURRISAVEENT said:

keep it compton ma nig!! good ****