High Grade Affiliates - Juman-G

'Juman-G' is the debut mixtape by Rap duo High Grade Affiliates. Kryp Loot and Kush Gwalla are the members of the affiliation and are backed by AMD Records and DJ Got Now. Check out this mixtape as Loot and Gwalla take you to the jungles of dade county with hard hitting punchlines and witty wordplay. JUMAN-G
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4:05 PM September 11, 2010 75cent said:

yal wack but ima keep followin yal i bet yal kould b raw as ****
4:44 AM September 7, 2010 n1kol1na said:

aint no feelin behind ya words.......
4:40 AM September 7, 2010 n1kol1na said:

yall aiight.....but yall missin somethin......mayb if i heard one a yall original songs.....
2:33 AM September 2, 2010 lilmike102690 said:

he said sting like tarantulas lol!!!
12:26 PM August 31, 2010 BucKIN_ONem206 said:

who cares if your first..second..third...especially fourth or fith...
2:36 AM August 31, 2010 DJCHISZLE1 said:

gay *** vvv
6:00 PM August 30, 2010 airbamaboy said:

**** i'm in the top 5
1 airbamaboy
2 airbamaboy
3 airbamaboy
4 airbamaboy
5 airbamaboy
**** that got to be a world record
5:59 PM August 30, 2010 airbamaboy said:

**** !!!!!!
4th toooooo