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8:12 PM January 26, 2011 RichkidJon said:

9:34 PM September 8, 2010 cmb413lopez said:

6:01 PM September 8, 2010 mell850 said:

50 and jay r the top players wit it comes to mney.. n sorry 50 has made the smartest tht any rapper could do VITAMIN WATER
11:18 AM September 8, 2010 chronicmushroom said:

the south make this **** ok new york rappers done fell off bad zone 6 biatches!!
6:30 AM September 4, 2010 butch221 said:

Jeezy that nigga only real dope boys can relate to a nigga like him and 50 will never have more power than Hov he on cribs lyin bout cars Half a dollar is a Bumm
11:57 PM September 3, 2010 Smashville_Shawty said:

y da hell is drake nd wayne on da cova nd dnt ot 1 f*ckin song apice or even togetha
1:51 PM September 3, 2010 cash6394 said:

stop hatin on jeezy n get off ****. ah doubt if any of yall niggas doin better den him.
9:44 PM September 2, 2010 PR_mafia said:

Jeezy always be using his own beats! just cause he made that one mixtape wit all them remixes dont mean thats all he does. hop off his wood. he doin his thang.