GLC - Respect My Come Up 2 (The Ism)

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12:32 AM September 27, 2010 gbvp said:

Checkout the last track 22.Too hard.
2:02 AM September 17, 2010 neeko217 said:

This **** is bangin front to back if u actually listen to it u fags! Ill State stand up! Keep doin ur thang G!
9:42 PM September 13, 2010 bzhyman said:

Not as good as similar to the letters... only 1 decent track tho
12:47 PM September 12, 2010 darealchitownjilla said:

man i from the chi its good hip hop then its niggas that force feed you some bull**** and try to call it that.these niggas suck ***.dj pharris a beast tho.
6:29 PM September 11, 2010 emcbrideo1 said:

neither pharris nor glc underground no mo so y the dis respect of having my hometown homies on the indy side these r real stars not mainstrean commerical but real big time stars
6:24 PM September 11, 2010 emcbrideo1 said:

wat nobody wanna give the chi its do respect dj pharris heavy hitters glc chi town for life **** the rest that cant undastand the best