R.A.P.P. Quelle - After The Art

The Second Installment from The Bahamian Rap Super Hero R.A.P.P Quelle!

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8:42 AM January 9, 2012 prk said:

Chippingham Massive!!!!!

Kill-em' Quelle, kill-em!!!!
10:51 AM September 19, 2010 MaxedOut said:

I like he reppin da Bahamas
3:11 PM September 17, 2010 aerokid15 said:

the cover smh
2:05 AM September 17, 2010 siontx95 said:

im a micro phone freq!! i love to hear something different other than .... haters, hoes, money and rims.. hmm that probably explains the -different comment... im just sayin
5:04 PM September 14, 2010 mathewbowling said:

**** sounds like ya boy
3:29 PM September 14, 2010 B_radley said:

man, why is everyone sayin its different, its the same old ****, same old beats with a raspy dudes voice on it. He is Decent, but he's no different than the majority of rappers on this site
2:42 PM September 14, 2010 edubsd said:

C^AAARRRIPPPP 6^ Craccn Jive Droppn!
1:58 PM September 14, 2010 highendurance said:

i like this .....keep it up