Walking On Water (Rick Ross)

DJs: Unknown
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12:33 AM January 11, 2012 Drewskee00 said:

Is thiis official i just thought about this mixtape today for some reason but i never knew if it was official or not
1:20 PM April 24, 2011 ToniiFlatRockB336 said:

track 4!!! dat **** iz kkrraazzyy!!! uuuhhhhh!! wwwwoooooo!!!!!!!!!! lol. dats my dawg!
2:30 PM February 21, 2011 kcolvin said:

#2 is the **** wish it was a full track though
12:47 PM January 23, 2011 DJFILLHERUP said:

7 some ****
12:42 PM December 19, 2010 tezzy said:

ayee ross on top of the game rite na, if yu dont feel da same way kill yurself ***** nigga
9:47 PM December 13, 2010 jusyorke said:

all you nigga is hating cuz this nigga better then your favorite rapper listen to real music and real rap bithch niggaz
12:11 AM November 11, 2010 giovannidadon said:

all this sacriligious music is crazy
1:46 PM September 30, 2010 drae21 said:

dope_swagga ur a ****ing duck fall back and get off ross ****. SLUT!!!!!!!!!!