Charles Hamilton - Reintervention

DJs: Unknown
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1:30 PM October 9, 2011 I572 said:

i think charles should thought bout how to put in a linkin park theme mixtape together first then get his hands on, he could do better, its for the best to both artist and band. pink lavalamp
8:24 PM November 15, 2010 kenny_hall said:

track three kool
8:22 PM November 15, 2010 kenny_hall said:

charles hamilton i know you see this put the rest of you music on here man! please.
4:02 PM October 19, 2010 bzhyman said:

@d221beast i couldn't agree more... wtf is dis nigga on nowdays
10:33 PM October 9, 2010 d221beast said:

it like he dont even try nomore
4:30 PM September 29, 2010 skaterat25 said:

Charles be on some bull**** right now.
10:39 AM September 29, 2010 willz said:

charles is always winning
7:46 AM September 28, 2010 tmBred said:

w/ 210_Kidd

The download will start in seconds