Rasheeda - Boss Bitch Music 2

DJs: Unknown

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10:46 AM September 27, 2012 buckeey said:

She Is The Ish!! I Love Her
6:40 PM August 12, 2011 kenny111 said:

hell yea im feelin this
5:04 PM May 14, 2011 kushroller87 said:

This is the ***** i ****s with all day if you a real boss ***** you would stand up and rep and understand the **** she spittin'
5:04 PM March 15, 2011 jemese09 said:

i love rasheeda she so fly and spits da damn truth!
4:28 PM March 10, 2011 MissKeKe12 said:

Rasheeda is one of the most slept on female rappers EVER!! Love this *****....she goes so damn hard!!
10:21 AM March 10, 2011 zebriahsmom said:

Rasheeda be spittin n gettin me str8 hyped up! this b*tch go hard
3:21 PM March 5, 2011 nahni99 said:

Now this a female rapper dats doin her thang
4:07 PM January 12, 2011 tp12435 said:

Southside all day!! Sheeda represents for the BBC. awesome p-u-s-s-y to get it,it ain't easy what lol