Mickey Factz - I'm Better Than You

DJs: Unknown
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3:35 AM June 19, 2013 bigbrotherbrown86 via Mobile:

#5 go hard af....dude seriously underrated fo' real!
8:26 PM March 14, 2012 ajdajuice12 said:

2:23 PM December 10, 2010 20Crip88 said:

Cuzz Sicc... Homie Slept On... 6etta Than Most Tha **** I've Heard On Crip...
5:47 PM November 25, 2010 CHIEFtheREEFER said:

This **** should be rated way higher
10:33 PM November 17, 2010 tokyo_democrat_ said:

@jonoaries sounds like you ridin b.o.b nads way too hard
10:43 PM October 13, 2010 JavonteKing said:

Mickey been doing his thing since In Search of A Nerd... He's making music something these other gimmic commercial rappers ain't doin
1:23 PM October 10, 2010 TSE34 said:

Saw Mickey in Nashville last week, this dude got talent out the frame man keep it up
11:14 PM September 30, 2010 jonoaries said:

I think mickey is dope but this tape aint, the only good song is the one feat B.O.B I'm disappointed

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