Charles Hamilton - Snap Crackle Pop

DJs: Unknown
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8:28 AM February 20, 2013 rooney101 said:

I actually sat down and gave this guy a try,and I thought dis **** was a classic.He has incredible wordplay,flow,& is great wit his meatphors.Alotta n****s are sleepin' on him!!!
10:57 AM April 9, 2011 DerickAnthony said:

Track 4 is speaking in tounges, vado and cam
3:08 PM January 18, 2011 neighbor1992 said:

what beat is track 4?
2:52 PM December 31, 2010 juswolf22 said:

@bigtex so true
12:57 PM December 18, 2010 bigtex1986 said:

he got talent but his subject matter is so ****in unique it goes ova folks heads
7:35 PM November 18, 2010 BADNEWZVA said:

is this really 50 tyson?
4:43 PM November 7, 2010 kenny_hall said:

get tha other mixtapes on hear asap.....mic check the L word 3
8:16 PM November 2, 2010 skaterat25 said:

I don't really care. If this new, then it's better than the **** he's been putting out lately.