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7:39 PM February 28, 2011 bmb said:

this **** smokin the whole atlanta ****n wit a homie salute!!
2:03 PM December 28, 2010 050thugz said:

**** Iz U Talkin @Pharcyde Im From Holland U Dont Got Our Weed In The Fuccin UK. Purple, Isolator, Silvah Haze, Lemon Haze, Amnesia Haze, Apple Jack, Bubblegum & Mo Ever Heard A That **** Prolly Not
9:59 PM October 14, 2010 gmiles44 said:

that cheese, northern lights, sensai star, purple thrax, get on that level mix it all together thats a party pack
7:13 PM October 14, 2010 pharcyde11 said:

blue cheese all day ...ya'll don't know what too smoke ....UK grow the dutch specials ...amsterdams finest.....peace schmoke sumthin
3:11 PM October 8, 2010 AltezzaC said:

LMAO i can see some of yall nigs is angry while typin! Go fire up some green and STFU! T just do your thang. Mo money mo problems. Yall nigs is funny tho. i kno the nig he dont really b in Alabama
8:57 PM October 3, 2010 kingswaggthug said:

raw with this
8:08 PM October 3, 2010 d_r_a_thamack said:

O yea dis wat u play wen u lightin up tha plane wit ya *****, preciate dat my nigha
9:31 PM October 2, 2010 RHOyaltyRECORDS said:

An the music speaks for its self family. Dat **** some pack young. LO ****ing L. An dat purple **** still in me. Holla at me lil cuz. It's not were you from. It's how we live.

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