Plies & Young Jeezy - Goon Motivation 2

DJs: DJ Rell
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2:01 PM July 3, 2016 kingkushington247 via iOS App:

10:18 PM June 6, 2012 Augustaboy said:

not official, but nice tracks
12:06 AM May 2, 2011 Vaxon said:

all the jeezy is either from 1000 grams or last laugh
I don't know about the plies probably from you need people like me 1 & 2
9:06 PM December 9, 2010 newnew45 said:

i love it
11:29 PM December 8, 2010 AaronH31 said:

where da jeezy & plies lost my mind at mane?
1:56 PM October 15, 2010 corporate_thuggin1126 said:

@hush1235 Plus, none of this **** is actually Plies and Jeezy featurin each other. That shoulda been a dead giveaway.
1:56 PM October 15, 2010 corporate_thuggin1126 said:

@hush1235 **** I forgot to look at the DJ, THAT'S why dis ****'s recycled! Now I feel bad, neither Jeezy nor Plies released dis ****, it aint they fault.
8:35 PM October 14, 2010 hush1235 said:

@corporate_thuggin1126 i thank you, you see, there used to be a time when i was unaware of sites like this and Mixfeed, i agree 100% about when these DJs and unknown ppl drop recycled songs and crap.