Long Live The King

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6:25 PM February 1, 2015 jnavajo via Mobile:

We ball in in camelos haters loosing like the nuggets tho.. Real only Pz know what um talkn
2:16 PM June 23, 2012 brandonzz said:

how you people hate on this???? REDMAN, RA DIGGS, LLOYD BANKS, STYLES P, YO GOTTI, CAM RON & VADO????? **** you people
9:29 PM April 8, 2011 Tahj4 said:

jcru380 shut the **** u down south is where its at nigga nyc cant **** wit it
8:48 PM January 18, 2011 jcru380 said:

yall down south clownz iz garbage trap out here at **** nyc iz where itz at *****
11:19 AM November 5, 2010 Arliss said:

Drama King mother****as! Good to hear a quality east coast joint with a quality DJ...
11:36 AM October 20, 2010 DarylLooney21 said:

you down south kats piss me off...youll sit there and listin to waka,gucci and oj all day long and tell us that this east coast music is trash...waka , gucci and oj are ****in morons lol
5:25 PM October 19, 2010 AuthenicSwAGg09 said:

stfu yall lil *** niggaz dont know **** bout kay slay dats how yung yall lil fukas b
2:49 PM October 19, 2010 deuce02 said: