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11:49 AM June 28, 2011 freethop11 said:

ky stand up
11:53 AM October 17, 2010 kyboi20 said:

yall niggas just mad yall cant to what jweb does when he makes yall niggas gonna be looking stupid haters is whats gonna make him famous so keep hatin
9:34 PM October 13, 2010 Ypc_Vannie said:

7:43 PM October 13, 2010 kyboi20 said:

7:38 PM October 13, 2010 mikeweb said:

ight big bra i see you
**** da hatters puttin ky on da map
7:36 PM October 13, 2010 JWEBjweb said:

Check out dat 'LETS GO'
4:52 PM October 13, 2010 JWEBjweb said:

Ypc_Vannie- nigga u weak as ****. aint too many niggas ****in wit J-Web. Betta recognize homie
11:36 AM October 13, 2010 kymoney12 said:

shoutout to the homie J.Webb, ya'll need to get ready for my nigga QL'Z on the beats he's a monster no loch ness

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