Cuban G - Reintegration

Just getting back on American soil after defending our country over seas in Iraq, Cuban G is ready to unleash his lyrical talents over some of your favorite production.

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7:51 PM October 18, 2010 dope_swagga said:

dat purple dream is a hot beat
3:10 AM October 18, 2010 Qbanmofo said:

Holy **** hes right!
2:00 AM October 18, 2010 DJCHISZLE1 said:

its already a cuban g outa florida
1:18 AM October 18, 2010 iamyoungsky84 said:

hot mixtape my nigga wish you would had more tracks on it but this will do...
1:31 AM October 17, 2010 HIALEAHGEN said:

we need more hispanics in the game.. Boricua till i die for my cubans i will ride!!!
5:22 PM October 15, 2010 mposha said:

This **** is fire.
3:57 PM October 15, 2010 050thugz said:

****in Snitch This Man A Cuban He Gonna Kill Muslims For The Americans **** Him Hope He Gets Shot !
3:47 PM October 15, 2010 coppedge1 said:

Yo bro, tight lyrics and well planned execution over hot tracks! Keep it comin and there are always gonna be haters man, I'm by ur side thru thick and thin jus like we did in Iraq and the 'Stan.

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