Yelawolf - Purp & Yela (Screwed)


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12:16 AM March 15, 2012 ASG_Boyz said:

yelawolf go hard **** yall talkin bout.....yall mean to tell me yall can bob yall's head to lil b gay *** and soulja boy? and say yela dont go hard yall sleep
5:48 PM March 13, 2012 lilworm2323 said:

this shyt suckz
10:56 PM February 6, 2012 cno2828 said:

Yelawolf only sound good chopped and screwed..I listened to his normal speed ****...high pitched voice not thuggin...keep skatin in Bama
12:18 AM December 26, 2011 deckdoutlids said:

I agree with me2trill88, this sound like hot trash! Shoulda shipped this project to Texas!
9:09 PM December 14, 2011 oscar_6 said:

nikka goes hard! he gots some flow some nikkas in the rap game got ****!
keep it up yelawolf!!
10:57 AM September 11, 2011 me2trill88 said:

Should of let us texas niggaz to slow it down & chopped. Cuz Greg Street Cant do it like we do it
12:09 AM July 17, 2011 mr32lewisboy said:

If it aint OG Ron C or Mike Watts dont even try it or get some lessons or something.
4:28 PM July 7, 2011 MrClean29 said:

it wasnt his fault greg street wanted to do it YELA STILL GO HARD THOUGH!!!