J-Mon The Don - Doin' Numbers

DJs: DJ 5150

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2:42 PM February 26, 2011 jtownsurfer561 said:

this mixtapes hot.. what song is that hook from on da outro i heard it before
7:14 PM November 15, 2010 Jizzle_Music said:

dis fie right hea
6:25 AM October 28, 2010 Real_dlo123 said:

Evansville Stand UP ...
2:08 PM October 25, 2010 KurruptKommonwealth270 said:

Out The Pot Ent.. Darryl J what's good
6:32 PM October 22, 2010 kds2444 said:

ayyyee this is wanin tho..i fuxx witcha bruh!
8:17 PM October 21, 2010 atlanta9458 said:

this **** hot,never heard of him but he goin in..... I ben ****in wit Darryl J, Out The Pot making moves
4:24 PM October 21, 2010 hd74 said:

yall ***** as up north niggas lame as ****
7:35 PM October 20, 2010 Candiland said:

There are so many Haters on here!!!!!! This mixtape goes hard..... Nd most of the good hip hop comes from the south dumbass.... Im ****in with GMC nd OTP!!!!