Jeff Chery - The Transition

DJs: Unknown
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11:59 PM November 3, 2010 d3tails_509 said:

@gmiles44,lol a mixtape izz using others beats
11:51 PM October 21, 2010 tivans said:

4:50 PM October 21, 2010 byrdbrothers said:

tape go hard !!!! **** will lil chuckee is dope n dat one night stand is a banger. keep doing ur thing hommie
10:29 PM October 20, 2010 teamrsinal said:

I C @gsmiles44 is a real hater. It is called a mixtape I believe? Some originals some industry what's wrong wit that? I don't hear any autotune on this tape neither.
9:22 PM October 20, 2010 gmiles44 said:

get your own beats bro chill on the autotune
7:45 PM October 20, 2010 hiphopjaxz said:

goood ish my geez keep it up flows crazy
7:39 PM October 20, 2010 Cjmatthe said:

I heard Jeff ish before, looking forward to listening once I get out of class...I been in class since 9AM! smh haha @Ypc_Vannie: I noticed you keep it real, hows the tape?
5:40 PM October 20, 2010 teamrsinal said:


The download will start in seconds