Xzibit - MMX: The Mixtape

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12:23 AM November 19, 2012 t3llz213 said:

Ok mixtape, respect the X, Los Angeles..........
5:11 PM April 28, 2012 paulasworld said:

Dam niggas is stupid **** haters. I forgot how hard he went this had my head bangin to evry trak. X2 DA Z old **** killin new **** my dudes. Its a shame ya hatin on rell rap game lol
2:10 PM June 25, 2011 jsopson said:

2:26 PM June 23, 2011 fatass36 said:

yall young *** **** boys dont know what real hiphop is.yall stick with that stinkylegg bull****.
10:30 PM May 23, 2011 sckum said:

just read all these comments...people hating on x and **** when this is ****en ill...**** just go listen to wackass souljaboy sounden like a down syndrome 8 year old
10:16 PM May 23, 2011 sckum said:

what the hell this cat is still sick! hes real thats what rap needs!
8:03 AM April 2, 2011 76WAYNE said:

man... i remember in da 90s x being one of da illest new niggas from LA who had da undaground buzzin but..........WHAT DA **** HAPPENED!!!
5:16 PM March 27, 2011 WayLuvMixtapes said:

i swear yall cats dont know or undastand real hip hop. listen to the LYRICS. X to da Z been on it for ova 10 years