J. Cole - Friday Night Lights

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7:09 PM March 12, 2020 SwaggaBoi106 via iOS App:

@kspade08 this is the best mixtape I ever heard besides a kid named cudi I remember hearing this at high school while on coolmath games and I was like this mixtape is dope #10 #14 & #18 are my favorites off this mixtape
8:34 AM March 5, 2020 kspade08 via Android App:

still the beat mixtape ever hands down
11:49 AM November 28, 2019 caramelbeauty92 via Android App:

3:54 PM June 23, 2019 des_dmoney via iOS App:

If they don’t know your dreams than they can’t shoot them down
10:18 AM April 4, 2019 IDT_32 via iOS App:

HighSchool Days Vibe Jcole been Raw🔥🔥⚡️
7:18 PM January 22, 2019 avaryfields via iOS App:

2019 and I still revisit. This was more than mixtape.
4:36 PM March 29, 2018 taclife via iOS App:

7:28 PM February 10, 2018 Scoopmoss via Mobile:

Cole still my dawg🐶

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