Shamrock - Hood Kitchen

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6:50 PM August 5, 2013 warren951 said:

but where's the dud talkin bout the new renaissance movement.. mike brown i think? that was the dude. LMFAO clowns
11:49 PM March 19, 2013 minx_thomas said:

I love this album SO much, he brings it every time he's on the track!! Love it!
4:08 AM January 7, 2012 TrapTapes said:

Mixtape is off da chain!
12:13 PM November 18, 2010 pussymonster11 said:

i ****'s wit it lil junior ldot production
10:58 AM November 18, 2010 sos1717 said:

wow! i actually listened to it- he sound ill
9:31 PM November 17, 2010 cparr81 said:

*****! you smoke hard!!
6:47 PM November 17, 2010 Mac_Mittens said:

@silksmooth sometimes staying independent is a choice. if you already have a famous name, you can still make money off making music without the pressure or stress of a major label.
3:35 PM November 17, 2010 silksmooth said:

dis dude been out for a minute and still indy. shouldn't that tell him summin?