Rogue MC - Desert Rose

DJs: DJ Flux
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8:00 PM October 29, 2011 robsmith421 via Mobile:

this is radio music,i think she will shine with mo experience on the mic and she already got the pen fuk the haterz,keep grindin it out.
1:58 PM May 28, 2011 KHAWK225 said:

she da coldest female at dis **** right now, hope she make it to the top n get her big break
2:22 AM January 25, 2011 LAPDP92 said:

props for real. keep it real.
6:57 AM January 18, 2011 ATLrepresenter said:

@silver, You must be her brother or mother tellin her this SH$% sound hot. Its Hot garbage. LOL.. Fake Polo,Fake DJ. WACK... YALL ALL NEED A LIFE, SILVER, ROGUE. blue
5:38 PM January 17, 2011 Silver24 said:

@bluephi Man u are lame...why are u stalking the page & hating?? Writing paragraphs? This guy obviously has no life... The music is hot Rogue!! Do ur thing!
12:00 PM January 17, 2011 bluephi1914 said:

@ROGUE Truth be told your lyrics are pretty cool, BUT I DON'T LIKE YOUR DJ FLUX or PRODUCTION and if you think that makes me a hater then your an IDIOT... I'm done with this. Get it together!
11:48 AM January 17, 2011 bluephi1914 said:

@ROGUE If you don't like criticism maybe you should only rap for your FAMILY and FRIENDS, this way everybody can tell you how great you sound. When that really might not be the case.
11:28 AM January 17, 2011 bluephi1914 said:

@ROGUE: Please don't confuse hate with criticism. Just cuz I or most people on here don't like your music doesn't make us haters. Put out something people like and comments will change.

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