Cambatta - The Visionary 2

DJs: Big Mike
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2:45 AM February 18, 2014 Justa_Phella said:

had to come back and re download this mixtape that people are sleeping on
5:46 PM November 13, 2011 djhustla said:

Dude Be Goin In #4 thats that piff
5:38 AM May 1, 2011 Justa_Phella said:

people sleeping on this dude wow...lmao
12:41 AM January 8, 2011 jmac292010 said:

str8 on the ipod ridin and bumpin
12:35 AM January 8, 2011 jmac292010 said:

this nigga aint no joke!!!
4:10 PM December 3, 2010 f_ckAmixtape_420 said:

after a full listen -8.5/10
3:32 PM December 2, 2010 3xstatechampion said:

I like cambatta, i think he can blow with the right production from someone and a little advertisement. He flows well and he is real lyrical.
11:37 AM November 29, 2010 therealJAYmail said:

bout time some real rap he shoulnt be indy !!!!!!!!! some of them indy niggaz need deleted but this nigga ill keep it up homie

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