Thee Tom Hardy - The Hardy Boy Mystery

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4:30 AM September 7, 2012 ODOG91 said:

Tom's best mixtape. Ya'll need to get his 1st mixtape "Curse of Thee Green Faceded" on here as well. That **** is bumpin as well.
2:20 PM November 16, 2011 nickjames said:

GOOD music
2:46 AM April 5, 2011 zody06 said:

yelawolf went in on take it too. and grinnin' is stoopid cold. 9th& green lantern did that **** on here. props to tom hardy dude mad nice
2:46 PM March 1, 2011 SULLIV4N said:

good **** good ****
10:08 AM January 20, 2011 neeko217 said:

Dope hip hop!
5:07 PM January 8, 2011 melo15jr5 said:

this **** hot
8:46 PM December 7, 2010 JayNSay said:

T.H. my boy...Reppin the Carolinas like a Ft. Bragg army base
Brain music at it's best...I can't put my pen down music in the soul kido...;)
9:49 AM November 22, 2010 corporate_thuggin1126 said:

his flo is nice and tha beats are great, but Green Lantern is ****IN ANNOYING jus wish he would shut tha **** UP!!1!

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