Lil Playboii & YBT - #Team300 First Quarter (The Kickoff)

DJs: DJ Genius
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9:33 PM January 27, 2011 Wanttapes3 said:

@tricsta How Does The Voting Work
11:17 PM December 19, 2010 tricsta said:

i dont think you understand how voting works smh
6:18 PM December 19, 2010 lil_100_sodmg said:

but if its one of they artist they boost all the scores and all the votes and all the views up! so so wack! respect real music
6:17 PM December 19, 2010 lil_100_sodmg said:

how is it still on 75 and its 101 votes now? that dont make since maybe if it was 100 than yeah the sccre could stay the same +1 -1 but not 101 why livemixtapes gotta hate on up comin artist?
6:17 PM December 19, 2010 lil_100_sodmg said:

livemixtapes on that bull ****. they be raising the votes but not the score to make artist look bad i jus voted on here like two days ago and it went to 75 and i was the 98 vote
2:05 PM December 17, 2010 lil_100_sodmg said:

best sodmg mixtape ever!!!! honestly playboii dont need to be with sod they holding him back
1:51 PM December 17, 2010 zel18 said:

dis mixtape ja go on low DMV stand up AYEEEEEEEEEE
6:43 AM December 12, 2010 psn93 said:

this ish go aaarrdd ‼‼‼