Taz Gutta - I Am Savannah

DJs: DJ Genius
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3:47 AM September 27, 2012 Lil_Red_Da_HoodStar said:

CCB4Life Loyal Empire. From 36 st. all da way to every mutha ****in place in da world! Turn up
2:05 PM March 3, 2012 9Lilscooter said:

c port in this ***** we making it to the top
12:31 PM October 28, 2011 veezyboy12 said:

rip flauge and bugga sav, c-port for life 912, down by da river!!!!!
10:51 AM September 23, 2011 beezo said:

A cuzin if u got an email leave it 2me dirty! Ima send u a couple of songs my nigga I want u2 get on, so if u got time get bac at me cuzin
10:35 AM July 27, 2011 tazgutta912 said:

new Taz Gutta "Day After Day" mixtape in tha streets now!!!!! Need a copy, go see DJ Hot Rod on 35th and Montgomery or go in Summerside or tha Stagg Shoppe. Hit Precise Kutz in tha boro for a copy.
2:49 PM July 19, 2011 ga912boi via Mobile:

Niggas dnt understand how gutta **** is dwn in da port... Shyt real bruhh.... Rip flauge
11:19 PM July 2, 2011 fsamsav said:

C_PORT----- ALL SAID>>>>
8:03 AM June 28, 2011 jequan1234jj said:

waters ave 4 life, RIP camoflauge and shout out to bugga