Ricky Ruckus - Live Forever Or Die Tryin'

DJs: DJ E.Sudd
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2:06 AM March 2, 2012 ToniiFlatRockB336 said:

This project is a TRUE CLASSIC!!
2:19 AM February 16, 2012 ToniiFlatRockB336 said:

Ruck whent INN on this one. S/o to the Tre4!, the WHOLE NC. WWUUDDD!!.
7:30 PM December 15, 2010 Damo08704 said:

its good still not ****in with that H.O.S 2
11:37 PM December 13, 2010 xclusivinc said:

nc stand up tre 4 aog shout out to ricky ruckus and dj esudd,,,,support nc
8:48 PM December 10, 2010 drereid said:

Ricky Ruckus is the best unsigned artist in North Carolina hands down!! If you don't feel the same was...tell me who's better!!
10:25 AM December 10, 2010 5grich said:

he cut up
10:33 AM December 8, 2010 ArmyOfGorillas said:

preciate the support!!
9:20 AM December 8, 2010 skokiegoon said:

chitown ****in wit u bruh