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1:36 AM June 2, 2011 Dassance said:

This ok dont sing no more bro lol not a good look
7:02 PM December 31, 2010 bit4high said:

Yu Got Sum Hot **** On This Mixtape ...
6:15 PM December 22, 2010 neeko217 said:

u do gotta chill out wit all the singin tho! lol!
5:55 PM December 15, 2010 O_State_holla said:

kid can sing his *** off
12:16 PM December 15, 2010 neeko217 said:

This **** is nice, sumthin' different and fresh! plus u gotta give props to a whiteboy havin the balls 2 spit over a Dead Prez beat! That Dj Logikal drop is annoying as **** tho!
2:41 PM December 12, 2010 jarod440 said:

yea.. not something i enjoyed listening too... shawn chrystopher was nice though..
1:22 AM December 12, 2010 CaliConnect187 said:

Damn logikal looks like theres some f*** boys hatin the dude notes good better singer but his rappin is aight on a few of the songs need more artist like him. OHIO!!!
11:49 PM December 11, 2010 jones23 said:

got bars kinda.....dj far from good though. he should work for Arby's or some **** because being aa dj isnt his calling