Hell Rell - You Need People Like Me (The Return Of The Black Mask)

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7:55 PM June 21, 2013 smoore24 said:

10:32 PM January 21, 2011 demorria said:

Hell Rell we need moe niggaz like you... Just letting u know u get luv in GA my nigga.... Macon representa AKA Murda Macon Ga
2:42 PM January 8, 2011 615DBLOCK said:

YES SIR!!! @KTKAPITAL88 weeks ave to walton ave..161 to 170
5:37 PM January 3, 2011 ktkapital88 said:

i appreciate you keepin' it hood man. real ****. i be scrollin thru a thousand mixtapes to find one good one! keep droppin that **** gangsta
12:40 PM December 23, 2010 lofrm252 said:

Ea5t5ide up hommie Rell go hard any ways top gunna5 wat5 poppin fukk all them hater5 5ive
6:12 AM December 23, 2010 Abc75 said:

Ruga's the truth.
4:44 PM December 22, 2010 HitmanHector said:

also dealer & the jeweler makes me wanna go cook sum crack: i gotta trunk fulla blow, one pair of clothes, i aint comin bak until i sold every last O
8:06 PM December 21, 2010 crunkpopeye said:

this is home invasion music