King aka King Kobra - Welcome To The Snake Pit

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8:01 AM October 1, 2011 bhen382 said:

What up tho. I see my nigga money mike shinin. What up nigga, this biskit
11:30 PM March 14, 2011 blaccsox24 said:

Cincinnati...fucc cleveland skinny jean wearin *** niggas.. youtube= cincinnati riot
8:25 PM January 17, 2011 l216 said:

**** insane king next out of cleveland
9:59 PM December 28, 2010 deadevan said:

still good doe
9:59 PM December 28, 2010 deadevan said:

216 ALL DAY!!!! The Land run The Natti!!!! Member dat!!!!
11:38 AM December 17, 2010 jasonhall330 said:

that midwest anthem is flame!! king is def one of the best from ohio
9:25 AM December 17, 2010 trapbossrico said:

my niggas from cincinnati called snake pit this **** sound lame lame lame
1:31 PM December 15, 2010 neeko217 said:

real talk on that "Zombies", when i used to get blowed i'd ride around and all the fiends looked like zombies 4 real!