Bank (Mr. 912) - The Deposit

DJs: DJ Scream
Thursday, Dec. 16th @ 3PM EST!

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12:04 PM May 20, 2012 flex_master said:

10:41 AM May 4, 2012 MrOptimistic said:

912!!! L-town bih **** ah hata, you gota come up from somewhere to get where you wanna be, keep doin ya thang big homie!!!
12:53 PM November 11, 2011 wondermann2400 said:

keep putn it in dezz niggaz face bra 912 all day my nigga flezzy gone so why cant nobody step up to da plate all u **** niggaz get ya hate on
11:25 PM May 27, 2011 JustNManagement said:

man we pushing this 912 sh!t heavy but some of these comments make me wonder should we be wasting our time. 912 is bigger than Savannah.REP912 ~ TSA ~ KRAZY FLO June 15th we bring tha 912 back.
2:48 AM May 24, 2011 mastamindshawty said:

Mane Flauge Wass Da **** Mane imagine how good hed be in today world
5:24 PM February 6, 2011 flex_master said:

yall dum ****s shut da hell up he just a fye rapper trynna put OUR city on da ****in map so shut yo mutha ****in mouth yall dumb azzzz *****es.........***** azz niqqaz
1:12 PM February 5, 2011 rodney1999 said:

bank is the stuff
3:07 PM January 29, 2011 gaslim404 said:

Dis **** is str8 LAME...Da only cities dat matter in GA is ATL, AUG, SAV, Mac-town, C-town..Yall other niggaz just country as ****!