Johnny Polygon - Wolf In Cheap Clothing

DJs: Unknown
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7:42 PM July 16, 2011 Drew0 said:

this tape is dope as ****...
12:21 PM December 20, 2010 andrewmichael said:

I'm diggin this. Groovy tunes. I wish cats like this would get more exposure.
11:39 AM December 18, 2010 projectgotham said:

Dis tape is amazing!!!!
5:02 AM December 17, 2010 nocollins2k said:

Shouts out to my Man, Johny Polygon for putting this out. LiveMixtapes, take this from the INDY section only, it will get more exposure in the general CD area...
1:12 PM December 16, 2010 yukki said:

stupid life is raw excitment like getting high jumpin off the empire state building luv that **** the complete ness that death give the enrgy that *** and oral from a model
2:50 AM December 16, 2010 king16 said:

he on Amanda Diva mixtape he go hard
10:12 PM December 15, 2010 certified_dope said:

hahaha i can dig it
7:15 PM December 15, 2010 topp_dog said:

good stuff im diggin it